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List of Unreal Engine versions & features

Here is list of UNREAL ENGINE releases.


Unreal Engine 5.4.0

“UE 5.4” is under development as of late 2023.

  • UE5.4 has a new “Movie Render Graph” according to Jim Geduldick (@filmbot) who mentioned it on Twitter


Unreal Engine 5.3.0

The official release of “UE 5.3” was on September 6, 2023.




  • Cine Cam Rig Rail” (new feature)
  • Anamorphic Lens Calibration Solver (experimental).
  • Skeletal Editor” (new feature)
  • Panel Cloth Editor” (new feature) aka “Chaos Cloth Editor Foundation (Experimental)”
  • New Weight Transfer Algorithms
  • Added XPBD (extended position-based dynamics) constraints as a basis for future cloth generation in engine
  • VCam enhancements
  • Orthographic rendering” first release as an experimental feature (does not work with TSD by default – see here)
  • Sparse Volume Textures” (SVT) first release as an experimental feature in Unreal Engine


  • SEQUENCER: Various updates to the Sequencer feature of Unreal: User-Defined Dynamic Bindings, Material Section Blending, Takes for Subsequences, Comments for Takes, Text Track (Text properties can now have tracks in Sequencer, where users can change the value of a text field over time and key it.)
    • Lights with ray-traced shadows can now optionally shadow volumetric fog. You can enable this with the console variable r.VolumetricFog.InjectRaytracedLights, which is off by default due to performance costs.
    • The Path Tracer feature in Unreal now renders its own depth pass rather than using the one generated by the rasterizer. This results in a more accurate match between the depth and RGB results, improving post-processing passes that rely on depth such as Depth of Field. (This change does not affect ‘Reference Depth of Field’.)
    • Substrate materials now supported in Path Tracer
    • Path Tracing of Hetereogenous Volumes: Path Tracing now supports heterogenous volumes (fire, smoke, etc) such as Niagara Fluids or VDB files imported as sparse volume textures. NOTE: Path tracer yet compatible with Sky Atmosphere clouds.
  • LUMEN: For the Lumen feature in Unreal,  Lumen Reflections support more than one bounce when hardware ray tracing (HWRT) is enabled with Hit Lighting, and the Max Reflection Bounces setting in the post process volume is set to 2 or greater. This can prevent black areas in reflections when there is enough performance budget to allow it.
  • VIRTUAL SHADOW MAPS: The Virtual Shadow Maps feature in Unreal aren’t “Beta” anymore
  • HAIR GROOMS: The hair groom feature in Unreal now supports streaming, so loading is better.
  • LANDSCAPES: The Nanite feature in Unreal now supports landscapes. It can now be enabled in landscape actors, at parity with normal landscape rendering.

Unreal Engine 5.3 PREVIEW

A preview release of “UE 5.3”.

Unreal Engine 5.2.1

The official release of “UE 5.2.1”.

Unreal Engine 5.2

The official release of “UE 5.2”.

Unreal Engine 5.1

The official release of “UE 5.1”.

Unreal Engine 5.0

The official release of “UE 5.0”.

Unreal Engine 4.27.2

The official release of “UE 4.27.2”.

  • Introduced the “Live Link VCAM” virtual camera app for iOS
  • HAIR GROOMS: Improved alembic cache support
  • LIVE LINK FACE APP: Added calibration


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