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Under Construction
Make your own natural environment

How to construct a landscape/biome from scratch

There are various ways to make a custom landscape and then add a biome to it.

See “How to make a custom landscape and biome from scratch”.

  • Material blends in UE5.2 – great youtube tutorial by Sakamari
  • unreal’s built-in landscape tool
  • World creator
  • Gaia
  • UE Plugins:
    • brushify
    • WorldSpace Plugin – remake real places
    • UE Plugin: Landscaping ($139.99) – from real
    • UE Plugin: landscape blueprint brushes $79.99
  • tutorial here (one UE learning site) from august 29 2023 by David Sierra.
  • A plugin called “Dash” sits on top of the Unreal Editor interface and simplifies the process ofusing Unreal to just writing sentences into an input bar.




Create Massive World Landscape Auto Material – UE 5 Complete Tutorial

CG Dealers
Feb 19, 2023



So how do you make water with Unreal Engine?

Well, there’s a built-in water system, but it’s not photorealistic. There are much better plugins and workarounds.

Check out How to make rivers lakes in Unreal for more.



  • tutorial here from sept 2023




If you want to make footpaths or walking trails or hiking trails, there’s a few different ways to do it. But with the release of UE5.2 came “splines” which work well with Procedural Content Generation to create footpaths:

How to Create Foot Road with Spline Example in UE 5.2.1 Electric Dreams!

Lost Monk VFX
Aug 31, 2023

Procedurally Create Spline Path In PCG UE 5.2 Tutorial

Jul 17, 2023

Procedural Content Generator – Splines – Unreal 5.2

Jul 14, 2023

How RVT (Runtime Virtual Texturing) helps items “blend” with landscapes/dirt/ground

You can use RVT to blend stuff into the ground more easily in UE5.3 etc. Check out this youtube video here.

Which landscape shader should you choose?

There are SO many landscape shaders that people say are the “best”.

Make your own foliage in Blender

This video from late 2023 goes over making your own foliage in Blender.


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