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How to get the full clothing item from the GDC “Talisman” Unreal demo

You can now get access to the “full” outfit that was shown during the GDC demo called ‘Talisman’ – the captain of the spaceship’s outfit, fully simulated with layers inside of Unreal 5.4. (I made this YouTube video showing how cool the demo was.)

It takes a bit of effort to find, but when you eventually get it, you will be able to open the cloth asset and it will look like this:

So how do you actually GET that file though?


STEP 1. Launch UEFN

Once you install Fortnite and UEFN to your PC, you should have these option in your Epic Games Launcher:


STEP 2. Create a new UEFN project with the Talisman MetaHuman template

Once the UEFN splash page appears, click on the “Talisman MetaHuman” tile, then create a new project.

STEP 3. Find the link and open it

Once you’re in that new project, you need to follow the instructions at the bottom of this page. But if it’s TLDR for you, in the Verse Outliner there is a file called “camera_switch_mode_device.verse”. Just double click it.

STEP 4. Download the ZIP file

You’ll eventually see a whole lot of code, and in there at the top you will see a link to a URL. That URL is a zip file. Download it – its 2.2gb:


STEP 5. Unzip the zip file & open the Unreal project

Once you have unzipped those folders, go to:


And you will see “Cloth_Example.uproject“.

Open it.

STEP 6. Find the clothing asset and open it

then have a look around and you will find this asset:

Double click that ClothAsset, and it will open:

STEP 7. Use the dataflow graph to… learn how to use chaos cloth layers and stuff?

This is an incredibly complicated and custom Dataflow graph that they have specifically made for this garment.

But hopefully it will help us all to figure out… how to make it work.

STEP 8. Make your own garment and simulate it with chaos cloth

I guess we learn from that example, and follow the general instructions here to make our own garments:

Let me know on Twitter (@virtualfilmer) or my YouTube if you have success with your own garment!



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