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Clothing (ready-made) for MetaHumans

Ready-made‘ clothing for MetaHumans is currently a big challenge.

On this page I go through these options:

  • Clothes that ‘just work’ with all MetaHumans
  • Adjust existing MH clothing for your MetaHuman
  • ‘Fit’ existing non-MetaHuman clothing for your MetaHuman

Clothes that ‘just work’ with all MetaHumans

If you don’t want to use an external program (ie. you just want to import clothing into Unreal and have it WORK with your MetaHumans) you really only have a couple options:

  • The free clothes that come with MetaHuman Creator
  • Paid MetaHuman clothing in the Unreal Engine Marketplace; but most of that clothing is very expensive and is very limited to certain styles.

Adjust existing MH clothing for your MetaHuman

You can try to repurpose MetaHuman clothes that in the City Sample Crowd pack that is free in the marketplace. It’s only smart-casual and semi-formal, but it might work for you.

Please note that you may need to adjust the clothing in Blender. Checkout this Youtube video for instructions on how to adjust the clothes to make them fit your MetaHumans.

‘Fit’ existing non-MetaHuman clothing for your MetaHuman

There are many sources of clothing on the internet that are NOT made for MetaHumans, and you can theoretically fit the clothing to your MetaHuman.

But this process is not easy, and currently doesn’t end up with ‘perfect’ results.

Generally, people use the following 3d software packages to “fit” existing clothing to MetaHuman bodies:

  • Marvelous Designer
  • Character Creator
  • Blender
  • Maya
  • Houdini

So far, I’ve found that doing it with ANY of these software is difficult and always ends up with problems because there is no photorealistic built-in ‘cloth simulation’ yet in Unreal.

Unreal cloth simulation is not photorealistic

There IS a system for cloth simulation in Unreal Engine, but as of Unreal 5.4 at least the system is not truly ‘physically real’. It has a tendency to look quite fake.

This is why people often use temporary clothes when they are making their films in Unreal, then they SIMULATE the cloth motion afterwards using Marvelous Designer or Houdini and then import that back into Unreal as an Alembic.

(Alternatively, if you have the money, check out the uDraper system – which is a ‘photorealistic’ simulation system for clothing that works INSIDE Unreal. However, I haven’t tested it with cinematics.)

The process

If you haven’t been dissuaded from trying it, the general process to “fit” a random piece of clothing to a MetaHuman is to:

  • Find/buy a garment (eg. a piece of clothing from TurboSquid)
  • Install the standalone ‘desktop’ version of Quixel Bridge on your computer
  • In Bridge, download particular MetaHuman’s source file
  • Open the source file in Maya (eg. “”)
  • Find the combined mesh of the MetaHuman’s body
  • Import your garment into Maya
  • Resize the garment using the 3D software package so that it perfectly fits your MetaHuman’s combined mesh body
  • Bind the garment to your character’s skeleton
  • Transfer ‘skin weights‘ so that the clothes move with the skeleton of your character

There are other ways to resize a random OBJ clothing item so that it perfectly fits a MetaHuman. For example, you could import the OBJ of your garment into Maya, and create UVs, then export it as an FBX. Import that FBX into Marvelous Designer, and in theory it should have both the 3D garment AND the 2D pattern as a result.









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